About Me

I fell in love with art from a young age, when I visited a house, a restaurant, the first thing that caught my attention was any form of art that was in that place. My name is Ana García and I am the Artist of these works. I was born in Honduras, a Central American country and I currently live in Louisiana, United States. At university I studied chemistry because I had to choose a “safe” path … but my heart was reluctant to leave art so I had to enter an academy too, I did not complete this stage, so I am largely self-taught, I like it experimenting with new techniques and styles, although my style leans more towards contemporary art and spontaneous realism. People and their stories inspire me. I express my art through the portrait and I use the technique with which I feel pleasant at the moment when I am creating the work. For me a face, a look, an expression is the most spontaneous communication that exists and the most beautiful nature of this planet and I was inspired by them. “Mirrors are used to see the face, art to see the soul.”
George Bernard Shaw. Thank you for visiting my page I hope you like my art.